Monday, November 12, 2007


of Style, haunted mansion and of coz....
lotsa chaos.

That was my last week,
all summarized in the above sentence.
STYLO with The Supremes were held at Hilton last Thursday
Gosh it was Deepavali!!!
If I do celebrate it coz I am an indian,
I would have cancelled the sponsorship...
so that I do get to stay at home!!!
Heard of The Surpremes????
it's way before my time....Diana Ross's former group.
Well I've only watched the movie "Dreamgirls"
which was based on the story of The Supremes
*I watched it bcoz of Sexaylicious Bootylicious Beyonce*

it was ok....
I can't leave much comment here even though this is my blog!!!!
for this event will carry forward to next March 08 in conjunction with F1,
so better not spill the beans!!!
showcasing the creative designs from
Lewre Couture, Melinda Looi, Edmund Ser.....

GOH *that's guest of honor* was Raja Permaisuri Agong...

and of coz Jimmy Choo was there... Monkey & B!
B! was soooooOOOooooooo happy to be on the backstage,
with all the topless, strapless, wateverless models~~~

and I was having a not so nice session with a butch
who managed all the models.

Pls note, do not have her on the back stage anymore!!
I can't work with ppl like this
*like ppl can work with a bitch like me???*

To the rest of RAPR male species
you may start to apply to Monkey,
if u wanna replace B! in the future for backstage work.
Monkey and Serious Kamil
then there's was another event at Carcosa Seri Negara.
Melbourne Cup

All the ladies turned up in beautiful and some not so flattering hats,
it's a tea partay,
but more like a sweat partay for me...
coz it was farking hot with high humidity.

I can see the Giorgio Armani makeup melting on the models' faces.
coz european cosmetic products are not meant for weather here.

so Oreo Nij was telling how spooky and haunted Carcosa was,
and Lis informed on the temperature rise at 10pm everynite in the cigar room.

Monkey's evaluation was more of a logic one,
very very very logic
got to be the stoooopid Brutus Hotel Manager.
He's the culprit...
Tell me, any ghost/spirits/super natural forces
will vanish with him there!!!!
so kennot tahan his attittude

"No I don't want any tables!!!"
"U asked for tables, didn't you???" in his heavily french accented anglais.

"*grumbling at Brutus* I DID NOT. Go and check with the organizer."
"*grumbling at Monkey and rolled his eyes*"

staffs proceed to arrange 3 banquet tables at my place,
coz they dun take order fr ME!!!

Monkey showed her frowneys with super slitted eyes
folded her hands on the chest,
stood with kaki terkangkang with right leg facing east.
*this is wat I called - who's in charge look!!*
*more like un-ladylike look*

Brutus then ordered his staffs reluctantly:
"She doesn't want any table. Take them away."
and I am 100% farking sure u cursed me like mad after u turned your face away.

Somebody get me his real name,
I wanna write a complain letter to GHM group!!!

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