Monday, January 15, 2007


We went to Sydney 3 months ago,
Gosh..that felt like only last month.
Bought so much of stuffs esp homeware & gourmet foodstuff,

Michelle introduced me to this great shop..
at the basement of Queen Victoria's Building,
the entrance of this shop and the layout may be deceiving..
but it was a heaven for me.

If logistic was not the problem & headache,
I would have pack the whole shop back to Msia.
porcelains, cutleries, knives, equipments, pasta maker, and the list goes on.
*JS got himself a very nice sashimi knife*
We found everything we wanted there!!! Oh bliss...

One brand that I can't find there is Laguiole.
Well, it's french and the only way to purchase is..
via the internet and it takes time, hassle and I have to pay tax to custom etc.

I first saw and used Laguiole at Les Amis, Singapore.
*Read bout it here*

serated steak knives in multiple colours....I LIKE!!!
You can get them to laser anything u want on it!!!
We had a headache deciding from names to phrases to I forgot wat.
Then we decided we put "Sydney 2006"
as we just got back and it was a memorable vacation.

and monkey booked and claimed ownership for the fuschia knife...
no other person can touch it except me...muahahahaha
you may choose any other colours...except that one k!!!!
and of coz we got the matching forks which were sold separately.

My advise next time..
buy online and get it sent to Singapore...friends' home, relatives place whatever.
coz it took so much of a hassle to get through the custom..
paying extra taxes, time consuming, inefficient ppl handling them..bla bla bla.

by the time I got's like 2 months later.
I hate it when the excitement wore off
having to wait so gawd damn long for it.

If you like Laguiole products go to:

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