Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beautiful Kudat

Kudat is a small town located near the "Tip of Borneo"
mainly a fishing town with superb seafood,
a nice golf course and a marina.

it's bout 2.5 hours drive fr Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu)
but since monkey was onboard the SUV,
the journey became....more like 4 hours!!!!

a rice paddy field.....
the wheels screeching down the road. We came to an instant halt.

"Tell me, that's a paddy field isn't it?"
"Yes it is!"
"I need to get some pics"
JS wanna faint at that time.

I've never seen a paddy field before....sorry folks.
As we drove, we can see more village with paddy fields nearby.
and tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of COCONUT trees!!!!
JS swerved to the shoulder of the road.

"What's that?"
JS rolled his eyes.....
"Sweet corn baby"

"really? how come it looked like that??"
yummy juicy superb fantastique outta this world grilled sweet corns.
Blarddy cheap,
6 for RM 5
and the size is homogenous!!!

so that explains why the journey took soooooooo long,
but it was great as I get to see a lot.

It was a waste I did not stop by to see the "bajaus"
We learnt in school history that these Bajaus are heroes and warriors in their strong horses,

"Dunnit to stop there."
"I wanna see the Bajaus."
"I wanna see their horses. I lurve horses...pls pls pls."
"They don't ride horses anymore. More like motorbikes."

Monkey at the Marina with her goodies....sweet wild rambutans!!!

We reached the Marina late afternoon,
The sea was rough,
Threathening to swallow and stomach anything,

The following day, it rained..
There goes my 1st fishing trip.
So Gloomy!!!

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