Monday, January 08, 2007

Imbi Market

Out of the blue,
on a glorious Sunday morning,
Monkey suggested that we'll have our usual cuppa,
at Imbi Market.

I've never been there.
Though I live like 2 minutes away fr this busy market.

May I present u...
hukka pukka Imbi Market
super busy and noisy until can die dot com!!!
It's a combo of a wet market, dry market and eateries...

You don't get ushered to your seats,
nor a place to sit!!

You just stand near the table which u assumed..
will finish their food and get out FAST!!!!
and be prepared to share table with strangers too...*this is so hongkie*

But I swear,
their food is superb.

Must TRY!!!
1) Curry noodle or "kah lee meen" (comes with loads of yummy chicken, pork's skin, beancurd, long beans)
2) freshly baked buns with butter and rich "kaya"
3) Hainanese tea or "hoi lam cha" (mixture of coffee and tea)

and it's deadly cheap!! just don't complain on the level of service here.
later we hoped off to their wet market for groceries shopping,
You can find egyptian strawberries, australian mangoes, persimmons fr Israel, cherries...loads of it!!!

After all the hukka pukka noisy experience, we went shopping :)))))))))))))))))
BOSS is having their season clearance....40% and above...woohooo
didn't your mother teach u not to pick your nose???
actually JS is having sinus,
and according to him...*rolls eyes* pressing the nose,
he can breathes comfortably.

is there such rational???
anyway it's funny having your partner,
holding loads of tissues on his hand,
and pressing his nostril with the other,
and still have reasonably good mood to do shopping,
and be my bags porter....
thank u baby :))))

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