Sunday, January 21, 2007

GPM Philip Morris Golf Day

I better blog about this before I forgot,
or before someone starts to complain....*tee hee hee*

JS was invited for a golf tournament last month..
* was tad long ago...*
by Philip Morris at Saujana.

of coz there were ciggies freebies apart fr the usual golf goodie bags...
not to mention sexay chicks in knee high boots and super short minis.
It was a waste I didn't attend,
I was busy at work that day and partying hard at nite to notice this event.
*bad bad monkey*
sorry I was not there to support you...*heeeeeeeeeee*

Anyway I wanna officially congratulate...
Mr. Terry Lim Ju Sung
for being overall individual champion
beat the hell outta other GMs, directors, big fat ass bosses of other companies.
also another prize for nearest to pin....
*I heard u ta pau-ed all the main prizes/titles home*
JS kept his trophy at my sideboard...dedicated to me ar?
He got another invitation for another open next month,
erm, guess you don't need me to be a pom pom gals eh?
those chicks will do the job for me,
I'll wait for u at home,
for another trophy collection.
hee hee hee...

don't work so hard,
go and whack more balls every evening ya..
starting fr today if u wanna win!!!

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