Friday, January 12, 2007


Dear con con...lai ren...angelina jolie,
Our friendship started in such a queer way,
nevermind that it's weird,
and funny to mention it here,

for we don't really speak to each other,
though we stay next to each other,
*me house 22, u 18*
enrolled in the same lecture classes,
came from the same hometown,

we walked close to each other to classes,
took the same bus back to s'ban,
lunched by the next table,
had the same dinner catered by the same lady.

for I think you are an introvert,
and you think I'm such a stuck up snobbish bitch,
*which I am*
things changed beautifully..
after we spoke for the first time.

We walked to classes together,
lunched together,
dined at your house everynite,
with me came running with my fork & spoon. :)
and my dinner box on the other hand.

did our tutorials together...*more like me copying your answers*
spent time at the labs..library...outings...holidays...
playing basketball,
car wash....hehehehe....shoppings.

and the horrendous session with Professor Sarma,
when I don't understand a single algebra coming out fr his lips.
"debt, corporate structure, tax....bla bla bla"
more like "gucci, prada, armani" to me.
*and indeed I joined GUCCI as my 1st job*

We attended every single thing-that-i-can-think-of together,
you were my soul mate,
my neighbour,
and someone I looked up to for advise.

I appreciate your patience and guidance,
for I'm still such a stucked up snobbish notti bitch,
for all your kind attention esp when I needed them,
and most of all your love for me.

May success be with you all the time,
Beauty grows on you...*angelina jolie*
Wealth doubles as u climb the ladder,
Love and happiness surrounds u all the time.

Monkey & Connie

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