Wednesday, January 17, 2007


a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the....
world most hyper, cute, fun-loving, caring, loud, sporty gal!!!!

Once upon a time,
there was a hyper monkey and a snobbish monkey,
hyper monkey lurves things her a very special way.
so friendly and approachable,
with a great circle of friends.

One day,
these two monkeys met at the ring...
erm..should I say basketball court?
and had a fun time teaming up together.
and beat the hell-outta-shit of the all guys team.
MUAHAHAHAHA....We are invincible...
*just kiddin, I'm a poor player but not Yvonne*

Friendly hyper red monkey drives a cute white car back then,
Notti ppl with nothing much to do painted her cute car,
with loads of darlie, colgate, kodomo lion...
and it smelled like a toothpaste factory.
I still remember, we had great fun washing your car.
and it came out REALLY squeky spanking white
I am sure your car has never been this clean!!!

You are the sportiest person I've ever known,
always true to yourself,
committed at work,
cherished friendship so much you are willing to give them everything you have.

Snobbish monkey is so happy for hyper monkey,
for she is doin so well in life,
eventhough she's a drug lord now..
*I still can't believe you are in med*

I hope many more exciting things to come your way,
and shower you with lotsa love and sweet things,
for it's time you sit back,
and start to receive all the love you had gave out to everyone!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Vonne..
enjoy your life to the max,
*which u don't need advise on already*
happy wishes and happy thoughts for you,
every single day no matter where u snake around...*hehe*


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