Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weird Fruits

During my gastronomic adventure in Sabah,
I came across some new fruits,
Snake fruit
coz the skin is of snake like texture,
Hardy and juicy on the inside,
pale yellow in colour,
extremely sweet,
texture of a nutmeg...
no it ain't jack fruit, cempedak, nangka..watever
very sweet,
smelled like "jungle"
tasted like "jungle"
texture of a soursop...
very yummy
They called it the RED Durian,
I've tasted the normal yellow, pale yellow types..
in the end, I was too chicken to try this one,
They said it's very creamy and nutty like peanut butter...
Palm Fruit
It's not edible but the fact that the whole tree full with fruits..
were outside my suite at Nexus,
I had to pick some.

I have seen pics of palm fruit,
learnt about it in school,
but this is the first time,
I'm seeing the real thang!!!

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