Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Quality of our students....our FUTURE...

I've been interviewing candidates to be my assistant lately,
this post is a result of frustration fr choosing someone who can pass.
I am not liable for any damages done due to this post,
be it mentally, physically, spiritually...or whatever..WTF I don't care.

Our graduates....tsk tsk.
We've been hearing bout this over n over n over again,
just like elvis playing on the records...non-stop,
or how our roadworks minister promised a world to us,
and how the goverment declared its commitment to strive for its nation.
also how Mr. President of United States convinced everyone...
there's WMD

over and over and over and over....zzzzzzz

Back to my subject,
I've known bout this nation problem/disease
since like the jurassic era,

that we produced poor students,
who can't speak proper english,
can't communicate,
can't calculate,
can't tabulate,
can't think rationally,
no people skills...
no confidence,
and so much more...
*what's in their brains anyway?*

Hence they're now the victim,
blame it on the poor education system,
or the educators,
the syllabus...

I've been very selective *U know me*
choosing candidates with bachelor's degree,
good results, bla bla bla...
with a presentable/pretty look...*I need to bring her out for PR, I have to...no discrimination here*
cept my boss...who will pile all the resumes into 2 trays..
1 - those who are beautiful, pretty, sweet etc.
2- those that doesn't pass his palate.

I thought I've finally found the one,
a candidate from the same University where I came from.
After the interview, I wanted to collapsed.
What have they been educating the students there????
What's happening???

I gave up in exasperation...
No wonder the government gave training to fresh grads,
for them to survive.

pls save enough $$$$$$$
and send your children overseas for their education k?
and do make sure it's a reputable University,
also that's what they wanna do/learn...
not what u wanted coz u didn't get a chance to last time.

As to all the graduates out there who find difficulties in employment,
go and improve yourself and do something about it!!!
it's not that WE are biased and don't give u a chance.
and don't blame on the education system,
Me and my friends came from the same system.

just farking stop blaming everything except yourself.
You are just not good enough...
not at all.

who wants to be my assistant??
I ain't no Mirinda Priestly,
I don't bite,
I don't whip,
I don't torture.

I am now selecting candidates with 5 years experience to be on the safe side.
GOD help me to get through this...sob sob.
I shall start saying prayers everynite.

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