Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bernard is such an entertainer.....*joker*
with great sense of humour and most of all, he's so casual about it.
I can stomach most of his nonsense,
except his...........BAHASA

"Itu ikan kasi goreng kering-kering"
Translates to: "Fry the fish till it's dry"
When it should be: "Goreng ikan garing-garing"
"Fry the fish till it's crispy"

"Ada cili home home ar?"
Translates to: "Do you have home home chili?"
When it should be: "Ada homemade cili?"
"Do you have homemade chili?"

"Itu kunyit kasi lap lap sama ikan"
Translates to: "Wipe the fish with turmeric"
When it should be: "Perap ikan dengan kunyit"
"Marinate the fish with turmeric"

"Itu rice wine kasi taruk ramai-ramai"
Translates to: to translate this?? ramai-ramai is meant for human not food
When it should be: "Rice wine taruk banyak-banyak"
"Add more rice wine"

"Apa bikin minum?"
Translates to: "What make drink?" *this sounded so retarded*
When it should be: "Ada apa minum?"
"What drinks do you have?"

I don't understand,
He speaks perfect english,
English english..
as he's been away in London since he was very young.

he did horrible things as well,
his fried rice became fried porridge,
Andrew ate till he puke,
the maid refused to have any,
don't mention bout the dog.

Bernard drives 80km/h.....on the highway,
and even slower on federal roads,
this is what I called "speed that kills"
too slow....way too slow......zzzzzZZZzzzzz
Bernard the joker and monkey
He's wearing the golf shirt I gave him for xmas..
thank you for everything Bernard :)

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