Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My authority ain't enuff

at the 11th hour *5.45pm to be exact, dinner at 7.30pm*
I was asked to make a reservation...

"We are so sorry ma'am, we are fully booked for tonite"
"I want to speak with your manager"

*supervisor came to the phone coz manager not available*

"Yes, there is only one table available."
"Mr. JS would like to have his usual table."
"I'm so sorry because all the favourite tables are taken."
"hmph, what do u have now?"
"A normal table for 4. Near the entrance."
"..........okkkkaaayyyy....I'll take iiiiiitttttt."

Well when the chef is Tetsuya of KL....u just can't care much.

"Pls be informed that our dress code is...."
*macam I'm a fine dining virgin"

Upon arriving with JS,
saw the head sommelier and voila!!!!

JS nonchalantly told the sommelier,

"We will be seated on this table near the entrance tonite aren't we?"
"No no no, Mr. Terry, you'll have your usual table....this way pls."

we got our usual table...WTF.
I need to photocopy your face to make reservation in the future.
and the person who took my reservation thought I'm a Personal assistant/secretary to Mr.JS bla bla bla..

over the phone ealier,
"Pls tell your boss that we are so sorry bla bla bla bla yada yada."

Nevermind.....I will wait for my assistant to do all these in the future,
She's coming in on 1st March.

Wei, u oso got PA mar.
Ask her to do next time!!!!
Pensfolds 1986, been aged in the same barrel used for Hill of Grace...
1986!!! me just a cute tiny monkey at that time.
all the pics were of poor quality and shaky,
coz i had lotsa champagne on an empty stomach while waiting,
for Prince C.
cheers baby!! JS wearing a Panerai Luminor...cun.
my fav classic unagi & foie gras is back but not on the menu
The day when restaurant manager announced it's no longer available,
I almost cried....
seafood pasta with conch, prawns, scallops, barramundi, rockets....
Pensfolds 86, evian, Dom Perignon 98
Prince C all smiles coz his fav thick slabs of foie gras with truffles was yummy n heart blocking..

got to be the most expensive starter at RM 128.
very high cholesterol leh,
and he purchases foie gras by the kilos fr Gourmandines,
to make fried rice every single day,
wah, u very luxurious ar?
my fav wagyu cheef with wasabi was over braised this time......hmmmmm
cigar & coffee
Prince C is really a very snobbish looking fella,
the 1st time I met him,
I wanted to slap him left and right,
then left again, right again....and so on.

They were not posing for me,
that's how they looked like normally/ consciously....hai.

Do u feel like giving them a few slaps now???
perhaps a few punches as well?
my fav desserts all in one grand platter, fuji apples in phyllo pastry, grand marnier souffle, fig tart, chocolate cup cakes and dollops of yummy ice cream....so sinful!!
yes me all tipsy already.....

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