Friday, January 05, 2007

Land of Bountiful cheap food

The moment I touched down,
My hobby changed,
from a workaholic to a...
During Xmas eve, we had the usual homemade stuffed turkey..
or should I call it....Turkey Home Home....
Nah..that doesn't apply coz it's not in BAHASA.
hehe...ayam belanda home home.
Roast potatoes with spanish onions and garlic
I made hors dourves for the kids...
Our formal sit down Xmas dinner with Dato Robin,
chief operating officer of Nexus Karambunai Resort....
Dato's wife, is new to golf....
but she can whack 36 holes every single day.
I think my arm would have detach fr my body....
different type of shellfish....mussels, oysters, clams and...dunno-wat-that-looked-like-snails
This is at a seafood floating restaurant at Salut.
Tonnes of fishes, prawns, shellfish for u to choose.
fresh blue swimmer's crab
my favourite scallops
I thought prawns are blue in colour until u cooked them!!!!
like this!!! but we didn't have the red dyed prawns. I think they were dyed...hahaha
I lurve this super nice thick yummy pure pineapple juice
Eveline & Monkey
Eveline gave up her astounding career to play golf...adoi..
If I hold so many degrees and a MBA,
I wouldn't.

Maybe *if* my husband is super rich.
Probably I'll spend it zzzz and shopping.
the aftermath....
ooOOooo...I lurve chinese food...
Total damage of the above: only..RM 200 for 7 person..
we had crabs, prawns, fish, clams, shellfish, toufu, lotsa lotsa vege...

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