Thursday, April 29, 2010

Al Picchio Ristoria, Rome

hmmm lucky I snap pic of the napkin coz kinda forgotten wat's the name of this place
:P well after 4 months.....sure ler...
this family run place was so cozy and nice
just down the road by the corner of Trevi Fountain
and has been there since 1930

the frontal of the shop with its merchandising of yummy food
by the way this restaurant served simple everyday food
just like our "chap farn" shop
esp this plate of freshly made pasta
everyday when I passed by this shop....Monkey would beg JS to have lunch/dinner here
JS: "It's just a italian "chap farn" shop leh!!!"
yes I know no michelin stars, no great wines...but I m sure they have AWESOME pastas!!!!

the other reason why I was dying to eat here....
look at the spit roasted hog on the chopping board
with its crispy skin!!!!!

and grilled artichokes!!!!!
oh my gawd....the artichokes in Italy were fantastic!!!!!

other available grilled stuffs were zucchinis and eggplants
yeah the huge chunks in black were grilled sweet eggplants!!!!
so jumbo rite?

they have some other hot appetizers too

the salad counter
so u see wat I mean when I said it's a "Chap Farn" shop

wow and perfectly wood roasted chicken!!!!!!
but I didn't have any coz....JS was around.....and nobody will share the poultry with me :(
*I shall blog soon bout another place I went, where I had the whole roast chick to meself :P*
this place speak no english and no english menu....
so pls rely on your eye contact, pointing here n there esp on the table nearby and also sign language
just tell the Papa waiter cum owner cum father cum boss u want something delicious
sign language = put all your five fingers into your lips, smack it, muaks it...
he should understand :P

and based on his recommendation we had a micture of grilled mushrooms, chilis and zucchinis
unbelievable bcoz of the extra virgin olive oil they was apple green!!!!!
next was calamari and sweet shrimps - deep fried with a slice of lemon only
so simple but yet......gawd..esp the prawns u chomp everything including its shells.
still can taste the saltiness fr the sea
finally, this was wat we came for...
JS had an unbelievable yummy and value for money of coz
porcini pasta!!!!!
the pasta have such good texture and it was very very eggy
and I was craving for meat and fresh tomato based pasta!!!!!
worth coming here..
chap farn shop...kekekekkeke
and there's a variety of sweet desserts on the display waiting to be picked up
from tiramisu to lemon tart to cream puffs and more cakes and tarts
we didn't have any coz Monkey wanted gelato near the hotel again :P
everynite on the way home,
we'll stop by the gelateria.....
monkey will have 2 scoops and JS will have his double express decaffeinato

really a nice chap farn place

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