Friday, April 02, 2010

Beautiful CS & YS ROM

Disclaimer: All pics stolen from JS's Canon EOS ID Mark IV, edited by amateurish Monkey using LightRoom *yaaay I know how to use Lightroom dy, thanks to my si fu :P*
2 nites ago, we attended a beautiful and joyous affair :)))
it started pouring in the evening and was supposed to be an outdoor pool side thingy
luckily the rain stopped and in time for all of us to group by the pool

traffic was horrendous as usual for KL...
swung by and picked Sweet Devil Rachel up who skipped happily down the Marriot's Corridor
journey was smooth till we reached Mont Kiara...and we were stucked for another 40 minutes

the setup was simply romantic :))))))
most guests were already clinking their glasses except for our gang...
as usual we were the earliest...
Beautiful prize/incentive for early birds ar???

YS & Beautiful CS walking down the aisle by the poolside
the ceremony was as usual formal and stiff esp when the officer was there
but we don't mind at all coz he was 100% kelakar!!!!

Beautiful CS: "We are doin the ceremony now over there, but if u wanna sit here and chat it's fine :))"
Monkey: "WAT do u MEAN? WE are soooo gonna be part of your ceremony ok???"
Beautiful CS: "I paiseh lar"
Both Sweet Devil Rachel + Monkey T_T

exchanging rings

YS, u must care for Beautiful CS for the rest of your life
and she'll be your soulmate to grow grey with u
otherwise all her Ji Muis will haunt u forever and ever and ever and ever.....


Beautiful CS was glowing the whole nite :))))))))))))

30th March was also Beautiful CS's birthday
double celebrations!!!!!!

Beautiful CS & Monkey

YS and unofficial photog of the nite JS
was that the lense cap that u were holding which u lose that nite???
Hot Babe Shen's precious
muka sebiji like her :)))))))))))))
waaahhhhhh this Sexay Back Maggie so ganas
with her new beau Chatwin
the Ji Muis
L-R: Sexay Back Maggie, Monkey, Isabel, Beautiful CS, Sweet Devil Rachel, Hot Babe Shen, Grace
yessss Hot Babe gonna meletup in 2 mths time :)))))))))
with the Ji Muis' other halves
this was supposed to be a "defiant" pose...but it failed -_-"

Congratulations again Beautiful CS & YS
may your journey of a lifetime be a blessed one
Hugs & Kisses

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js said...

monkey is pretty good with LR nowadays!! tah lam sifu!!! haha :)
YS and CS......wishing both of you all the best on your journey of life ahead.