Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dinner at Prisoner Restaurant

Sales Director told Monkey: "U have been very naughty yea, I'll take u to the prison for dinner tonite....."
Monkey sulked :(((
Sales Director: "Yes it's a Prison Restaurante serving french food."

and indeed the whole team went to this PRISON converted to a posh restaurant :P
I took pics fr the outside but it was too dark and I took a cacat small camera to Switzerland at that time.
so blame the low quality on the camera.
Alex da Ah Beng with Sandra here
he actually sent her flowers are the way to Switzerland fr SG to thank her for her wonderful help
yes must take care of important ppl who manages distribution
Ah Beng & Monkey
we stressed each other out a lot at work
well that's why they alwiz say....Sales Team & Marketing Team are just like oil & water
u can't mix em both together
Sunil & JAV
India is opening their office soon
phewww finally..........and when it opens...
Marie France & Mommy Jacky
I lurve her french accent....so sexay!!!!

Marie France: "excusez moi Cheeerr Riiie, ve harf toooo get zee tourbillon bak now, sil vous plait"
pointing to the most expensive watch on my hand with a worried look
"Non non non Marie!!!!!! JE NE PEUX PAS!!!! I need tis now for my BIG BIG client. NOW NOW NOW!!!!"
and dashed away with the watch in her small lil feet
all she could do was let out a small and polite and frenchie "Oh!!!"

sorry Marie France, I must have caused u a lot a lot of problem
coz u are answerable to ur boss and not me :P
very soli!!!!!
Chris da Boss, JAV, Ah Beng
they actually call each other everyday????
even back home here......
poor JAV had to entertain everyone fr around the globe once he's in his office 7am swiss time
JAV had been around with the brand for 30 years....:))))))
he knows everything anything...
it's scary how he remembers the 17 digits reference codes of each piece
i was O_O
lady boss looking serious here
anyway whenever we r in Switzerland we r alwiz STRESSED

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