Monday, April 19, 2010

Chris da Boss's Birthday *by JS*

9th April was Chris da Boss birthday. Born in the year of the Horse he must be 44 years old this year....well, that was my intelligent guess......look at him carefully....he's too young to be 56 rite?? haha :)
A bit about those born under the sign of the horse.

Horse people are active and energetic. They got plenty of sex-appeal(i am shocked!!) and know how to dress(hmmmm, did i see wrong.....haha). Horses love to be in the crowd in other words love social events. I guess chris da boss always have to attend launches, do speeches, etc.The horse is very quick-witted and he's on to the thought in your mind even before you've expressed it. In general, the Horse is gifted. But in truth he is really more cunning than intelligent hence those born under this zodiac sign is good in sales(ie, make very good salesman) and i agree totally.

Chinese believe that because horses are born to race or travel, all horse people invariably leave home young. No matter how integrated he seems to be, a horse's inner self remains powerfully rebellious. Although they have boundless energy and ambition, horses have a hard time belonging.
The horse is a worker, adepts at handling money and a good financier. But unfortunately, he is also famous for suddenly losing interest on something. In his relationship with opposite sex, the horse is weak. He will give up everything for love(ahemmm!!).
The six decades spanning the gaps between the years of the fire horse mean that this rare sign occurs only in the years 1846, 1906, 1966, 2026, etc. Hence Chris da boss is really a fire chinese it's call "foh mah" and mind you it's not "foh wong" :)

Men and women actually born in the year of the fire horse will have the same characteristics as the ordinary horse but they will be more accentuated, in the good qualities as well as in the bad. The fire horse will thus be a harder worker, a more cunning individual, more independent, more gifted.....enuf enuf enuf of praises nanti he kembang too much!!

What we do know is that the fire horse will have a career that is more varied, more exceptional, more interesting than that of the ordinary horse.
So there you go mr boss.......your life is all written in the stars and you can run but you can't hide !!
It was a modest lunch function at Fukuya except for this party crasher.....hehe.

Lunch got on the way since everybody was starving.
BTW Fukuya is a japanese restaurant along Jalan Inai and they serve a decent lunch for mininum $$.
Then it was prezy time.
hmmmm, how come the prezy wrapping look like used calender sheets?? haha.
golf balls for the boss......cos he always pukul masuk pond so need more balls!
a bowl for you to symbolize "senang cari manyak makan"
chopsticks for you to makan (after you manage to cari the makan)
a fan to keep yourself cool.........errrrrrrrr, when watching astro i suppose :)
and lots of golf shirts for you to pursue your golfing career!!
yes, we know you are soooooo touched by our good need to cry lar :)
Chris da boss with his hobbits
the birthday boy with the two party crashers :)
yes, there was a also a birthday cake.....
in the shape of a golf fairway and green......i was expecting in the shape of a golf buggy actually!!
and the blowing of the candles to symbolize +1 year older.
Ok now all on your knees and all together say this out loud.



Tsu Lin + + said...

Wow, happy birthday to Chris da Boss & party crashers, I hope you brought nice gifts.

I am also a horse lei! HEHE.. but not fire horse.

I didn't know JS also knows alot on Feng Shui/astrology. He really is a man of many skills.

CHER-RY said...

TL: he is a walking wikipedia mar :P

so u are an Earth House :D

Earth Horses are able to see situations from all angles and corners. They are relatively easygoing, preferring to determine each pro and con before making a final decision. Earth Horses work hard to accomplish goals they have set and would rather take longer to do an outstanding job than to work shorter and shave a little quality. They have great senses of humor and are extremely adaptable in most instances.

Js said...

U mean I found all this from wikipedia. Hehe :)
From observations, horse people are rebels in the heart but they r also perfectionist. Overall Good attributes. My old man was a horse n he travel far n wide in his work. He also very detail in everything he does unlike his son :))