Tuesday, April 06, 2010

ICON CNY Dinner, Westin KL

yes I m lagging behind on my postings :P
the official pics of this event already out on ICON magazine.....
I m even slower than the publication.....damn

Lurve the centre piece that Nadia and team did
every table has different mood
some with a 4 feet tall classical white bird cage with flowers innit
toss as high as u can!!!!
the whole table was occupied by ppl of my trade :P
all the timepieces gang....fr JLC to Richard Mille to Cortina Watch and FJ Benjamin
plus No-Longer-Available JH who skipped fr another table just to be with his clients
someone's beautiful ring :))))))
how romantic...she got engaged to Macho Mani on Valentine's day...
more like Macho Mani proposed on that day
he was as nervous as a skool boy :P
Sexay Back Maggie, Sweet Devil Rachel, Isabel, Monkeyseated were Reena & Beautiful CS
I kepoh-ed over to the next table to snap pic of Will and his friend decked in red shirt
Will came with a tight ass sexay red pants....
aikss...forgot to snap pic
by the way the dress code was RED
Sweet Devil Rachel trying to make No-Longer-Available JH blush
wei wei wei....u getting married soon...no more flirting kay
JH looking uncertain here.....must be thinking bout Grace back home,

Congratulations Sweet Devil Rachel on your engagement,
can't wait for the celebration whereby we'll wear sarees
this one need Hot Mama Thevi's help to tie for us :P

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