Friday, April 30, 2010

Object of Desire 0004

I want this!!!!! I really really really REALLY EXTREMELY want
the ARTEMIDE CASTORE suspension lights
designed by Hubb Ubbens & Michele de Lucchi

so pretty~~~~~
will look so spectacular on the main hall

it's not gonna happen bcoz of the ceiling height
basically the largest size of the ball is gonna be so long
and it will hang so low that anyone walking underneath it will have a smashing big ball smacking their head

the above picture looked so perfect
coz the lights were installed on the LOBBY OF A HOTEL!!!!
why can't our ceiling be as high as the hotel?!?!?!?!??!

after 2 weeks, I finally accepted the hard painful fact
that we not gonna have this!!!!!
and I learnt to let go....
*been doin a lot of compulsive decision making these days just bcoz of aesthetic elements*
**hey I'm a person of ART ok!!!!!**

So in the end, we bought some other nice pieces as well
find out which lucky Artemide will come home with us
click *here* to read more

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