Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dinner by JS

Friends alwiz asked, wat do we eat for dinner
wat did we did we manage to prepare dinner despite our hectic schedule?
and bla bla bla yada yada yada

I kenot complain nor there's much to say
bcoz every evening, when I step outta the lift
the whiff of yummy dinner hit my nose
and trigger my hunger pang
lebanese cucumber and fresh mint salad with yogurt dressing and freshly cracked pepper
sometimes, I do help out like making the above salad....
heheheheh the easiest of the lot....just throw everything in
raw fish carpaccio by JS
yes really really yummy......esp when the fish was sliced so thinly by JS's samurai sashimi knife
by now I understand why he needed so many different knives at home
*just like how I needed so many leather bags*
Stew beef pie!!!!!!!
with lotsa lotsa sweet onions innit
got carrots too!!!!
healthy rite?? and shitake mushrooms
to end the dinner, a shot of decaf espresso
so u see our dinner is really really simple
fuss free, quick to make.......even quicker to consume em
erm maybe except the stewing part....need to stew for bout an hour till the beef is juicy and tender

bottom line is....
my round tummy is fed with love everyday by JS's cooking

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