Friday, April 09, 2010

Chatterbox, Meritus Mandarin Singapore

aaaAAAAaaaaa chicken rice~~~~~~~
completes with super yummy grainy rice cooked with chicken fats, ginger, screwpine leaves and other secret ingredients,
came with soup with toufu and shredded lettuce
and all the condiments and dips: chilis, ginger, dark soy sauce
and its smooth velvety steamed chicken
with some dashes of sweet soy sauce on a bed of shredded lettuce and alfafa
JS & Si Fu Lawrence were so sweet to teman monkey here
*aiks I just noticed both in PINK!!!!!*
coz one don't eat chicken, the other thinks the price of chicken rice here is overwhelming
yeah I think it is at SGD 23 per set it is quite exp

Off topic:
Yesterday, Alex da Ah Beng brought me to Sin Kee Chicken Rice near Margaret Drive *they have shifted next door from the food centre*
and 5 of us ate one whole chicken, lotsa spare parts, appetizers and vege plus drinks only cost SGD 50

sumore this Ah Beng added one more plate of rice, some century eggs and more drinks
well Sin Kee is equally good and Spore's Prime Minister even cater fr Sin Kee.
More choices here like pig trotter and fish head curry

Anyway Chatterbox is very convenient...
coz sometimes we stay at Mandarin Orchard Hotel,
or just a stone throw our hotel
can just walk there...
or more like when JS shop for his baju at Boss Orange...can just walk up for chicken rice :)))))
*so tell me who's the heavier shopper now?*

Mandarin Orchard Hotel
Orchard Road,
Tel: +65 6831 6288

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