Wednesday, April 21, 2010

St Peter Basilica, Vatican City

Some notes before I start, yes I know I HAVE BEEN LAGGING on my posting
sorry folks...but this lil monkey is doin her very best to post everything she can share with all of ya :))

the above pic was the St Peter Basilica at Vatican City
the richest, biggest and most spectacular church in the whole of Italy :))))
St Peter Basilica attracts about 20,000 visitors each day...
so reminder to folks, pls be kiasu like us and go EARLY
as in REALLY REALLY early

we walked there after our early breakfast and reached this place at 7.00am
lurve our hotel coz everything is like within 15 mins walking distance :))))
the early sun rise was so harsh eh?
the chairs are meant for the crowd as Pope gives blessing every Sunday noon
this square *why do they call it square when it's round? :P*
is called Piazza San Pietro and one of the world's greatest public spaces *pls do not compare the Forbidden City's square in Beijing*

Can u see the famous balcony right in the middle?
Swiss guards around Vatican City
since we were early, we don't have to queue up at all and less crowd for pic taking
otherwise pls queue 2 hours just to get in
WAHHHHHH the DOME!!!!!!!!
the interior of this place covers more than 15,000 sq metres
the dome alone is bout 119m done by Michelangelo based on a design for a Duomo in Florence
this one u KENOT MUST NOT miss

it is protected with a BULLET PROOF NASA technology glass

*errrrr sai mmm sai ar*

name of this work Pieta sculpted by Michaelangelo when he was only 25

this one is one of Italy's most celebrated masterpiece of Madonna

because of the expression on her face of pain and hope

this place is about 187m long

how did they build this place...OMG
for all the paintings on the roof, the artists had to lie on his back over a platform/harness
and paint for in like 12 years???
robed priests everywhere

pilgrims fr African country
they were singing for hours and crying at the same time
I suppose any visit to the capital of Catholic World must be so overwhelming and spriritual

look at all its life liked
*yeah while visitors are busy praying, singing in joy and overwhelmed this Monkey skipped around looking for subjects to shoot :P*
think after an hour or so, we headed out and got some souvenirs

yes Monkey was here!!!
and i don't mind coming back again :))))))))))
when we exited the crowd was still manageable,
later that day, we passed by a few times during late morning and afternoon,
the crowd can die.....MY GAWD!!!!
the whole piazza were full of people!!!!!!
so folks, do come early yea

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