Friday, April 09, 2010

Official opening of Cortina Watch, KLCC

Disclaimer: All pics stolen from Brandthinks whom engaged loveable huggable photog Bionic Bonnie
finally after 3's official!!!!
this was one of the most anticipated boutique for all of us
we did not expect this 
and Monkey stood so near to the performance I almost had an heart attack
coz the drummer + cymbalist lurve to give surprises
and it was also hilarious to see everyone jumped in fright when those surprise drumming & beat came out of the sudden
I think I did too!!!!
Sexay Back Maggie & Selina played host
Officially meeting Fab after he jumped ship from GLAM to PRESTIGE
congratulations on your new portfolio
Now sudah jadi boss, so u'll understand how your ex-boss felt and why everyone alwiz hates the BOSS

Congratulations to Cortina on the opening of yet another beautiful boutique
great job to Brandthinks the PR and Event Management company:)))
wei got credit mention here, next time give discount lar!!!


Tsu Lin + + said...

OMG! Nice! I like Lion Dance. Congrats.. (yes, should give discount!)

CHER-RY said...

TL: u do???? great!!!! think it's like a must in every important chinese ceremony :P