Thursday, January 14, 2010

Florian Cafe, Venice

the exterior of Florian Cafe,
Florian Cafe is Italy's oldest cafe :D
opened on 29 Dec 1720, that makes Florian 290 years old!!!!!
overlook Piazza San Marco
services was excellent and friendly
our breakfast came soon
JS ordered prosciutto and baguette
yes I early already porkie :P
Monkey had Caffe Filtro = filtered coffee
wait a while and it's ready!!!!
JS had the usual cappucino
Lurve their water dispenser with Florian logo
such intricate interior
Florian had served a wide span of illustrious clientele
including Casanova....yes the real Casanova as in Casanova
also Lord Bryon, King Umberto and Queen Margherita

a must visit whenever u r in Venice.

Caffe Florian
Piazza San Marco,
Tel: +39 041 520 5641

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