Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prada Saffiano, Cruise 2010

whenever u r in Milan....Prada is a must buy!!!! :P
however I've laid my eyes on the latest collection before we were in Italy
so basically know wat I wanted...cept the color choice was a headache
Prada has a good mix of colors and I went with the mindset of getting the pink + white + dark blue mix
next headache was the different type of bags..
the clutch? the tote? the handbag? the shoulder bag? or the wallet?
I alwiz thank JS for being there to solve all my headaches and chose the col
that's MOST-ME!!!!
with perforated leather and hand stitched finish :)))))))))
it comes with a padlock and 2 set of keys :D
been 2 months since I got this so I can't really remember how much I got it for...
think it's around RM 4200 compared to Malaysia RM 5400

if u are asking already by now....yes I spent MORE than JS in Italy
I'm the Champion :P for leather goods
and he's the Champion for household, fish roe, pasta, -_-" x 10000000
pots and pans...ermmm wat else? yeah designer households stuffs
one of those day....we went to a factory outlet in Rome and got some stuffs....
along the way..this Prada Travel Wallet in black Saffiano caught my eyes
and it was laying inside the glass display inside a massive huge factory outlets with everything u want
Monkey was like....."wat??? this can't be at the factory outlet yet???"
it's too new to sit here....and retailing about RM 2000++ in Malaysia
with like wat? 12 or 15 card compartments,
different currency holder and passport holder all in one
when Monkey saw the price...she told herself if she dun get it....she's soooo not gonna forgive herself...

it's F-king retailing at RM 450 OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i bought it without thinking 1st :P
then gifted it away
to dear Mr. JS

JS: "WAHHH i got new travel wallet!!!"

yep we got *I mean I got* other stuffs as well fr this factory outlet and will blog bout it soon.

Prada Prada Prada!!!!
dee daa dee daa dee daa
who's the happiest of all :)))))))))))))


Tsu Lin + + said...

I must pay this place a visit. You shoudl put the address there like you always do with your visits to somewhere. :)

CHER-RY said...

TL: yes yes I promise that I'll do it in another post...coz I got a few other items fr the same factory outlet :)))))