Friday, January 22, 2010

Our favourite past time in Langkawi

the BEACH!!!!! wat else!!!!
but then again we didn't get to go as often as we wanted to :P
this pic was taken at Pantai Cenang
one of the famous beach in Langkawi
Cenang stretch is just like Pathong in Phuket...
crowded and full of tourists
everynite without fail...a visit to uncle's duty free shop to load some drinks
I can't remember how many litres was that but it was retailing at RM 88
yeah so cheap we almost soak ourselves innit.
Hoegaarden RM 4
Sapporo Beer RM 8.50
Ritters Sport only RM 4.50 *buy 5 free 1 sumore*
Premium Kit Kat fr Switzerland RM 5.50 *this one I pop like candy everynite*

all other beers like Tiger, Carlsberg, Heineken bla bla bla retailing at RM 1.30 per can
request for an ice bucket...and there goes our la-la time in the room

yeah wines and champagnes goin cheap as well
but storing condition was a nightmare plus limited vintage
and certainly they dun have much variety goin there for wines.

for those who can drink 2 cartons in 4 days..
pls do consider Langkawi as your next destination

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