Thursday, January 21, 2010

Da Fiore *One Michelin Star*

Da Fiore is one of the first restaurant to be rated Michelin Star in Venice
so we went with high expectation...
somehow the evening started with the wrong note coz we went to the wrong place...
and took another 15 minutes to walk to another piazza
*15 mins is very very far in Venice ok????*

worse part was we had to enter another restaurant and asked for direction
well it's never good to ask a restaurant the address of another restaurant :P
beautiful Murano glass vase
Murano is a small lil island near Venice producing the world most expensive and beautiful glassware
erm...I didn't buy any coz it's so difficult to carry em back....just got some nice mouth-blown murano glass necklace
and so they used the exquisite Murano glass vase to store bread -_-
we were first served with a deep fried white fish ball with sabayon
very well balanced flavour...

at least this cured our frustration of:
1) the difficulty locating this restaurant
2) environment was not up to expectation *it was way to rustic*
3) JS's Murano drinking glass has a chip on it
4) they dun have nebbiolo glasses for our wine *double frus*
yes we had Barbaresco 2003
drink until scared...
ate until it was a light nite for both of us
since it was a lite nite we shared a torre di insalata di mare = tower salad of the sea
and they were kind enough to separate one serving into two making it easier to eat
the octupus was outstanding!!!!!!
prawns were so sweet and it came with pickled onions
*the 2 rings u see on top*
simple and yet amazing taste
we saw every table has we ordered fritters of seasonal vegetables Da Fiore style
dunno which species of aubergine they has such good texture and amazing sweetness innit :))))))))))))
since it has to be a lite nite JS ordered a green pasta with muissels and clams
it's green coz it's a pesto pasta :P
Monkey had deep fried soft shell crab with rucola, orange and pomegranate salad
I like the fact that the small chunks of oranges came with its skin to give it some bitterness and acidity to the dish...well the rucola was bitter too...and pomegranate was sour.
all these melting pot of flavours were combined to kill the richness of the crabs..

mind u....their soft shell crab was full of....errr...well in short..there's no meat.
u bite innit...there's white creamy stuffs oozing out...bite sumore...more creammy stuffs
so guess i was just eating creamy high cholesterol roe with crispy shells :P
no dessert for us tat nite...coz by this time, notti Monkey was so tipsy
she can barely say yummy!!!

guess i drank too fast tat nite.
and poor JS had to navigate us back home to hotel in the narrow alleys of Venice
bcoz throughout this Italy trip, notti Monkey had been the GPS...
and since GPS was drunk and tipsy...JS had to lugged the heavy monkey home without getting us into trouble :P

Osteria Da Fiore
*One Michelin Star*
S.Polo 2002
30125 Venezia
Tel: +39 041 721 308


js said...

basically most road maps in Italy are quite inaccurate for some strange reason.
when in venice you basically don't need a road map......use your orienteering skills and know the 4 points of the compass by heart and with the sun and stars you should be able to find your way around.....if you believe me, you are quite lost by now....haha!!

G F Mueden said...

When getting or giving an address in Venice, always give the street name and an intersecting street nearby. What you gave is only good for the postman and tax colector.

To avoid having to ask at one restaurant how to find another, have your concierge give you a VeniceXplorer map. He keys in the Sestiereand building number and it produces a street map with a big red dot on the location of the building. You find your way via the street names; only at the end do you worry about the building numn=ber. I think Pagonelli has it,

CHER-RY said...

JS: this is not sailing!!!!
Mueden: thanks for the tips :))))

js said...

This restaurant lacks ambience.
It was way too warm and too bright.
We were drinking our Gaja from Bordeaux glasses.....should have been burgundy glasses if they don't have nebbiolo ones.
However the food was very respectable and i won't mind having the it again!