Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gondola ride....raa.....raaaa....raaaa

This post is dedicated to Mee Mee
whom visited beautiful Venice in 2008
and wondered wat's the big fuss about the ride
it was on our to do list :))))))))))))
and we took off after a long long day of walking around the whole of Venice
decided it's time to take some form of transportation without using our poor legs
*esp Monkey's tiny legs*
Madamme Bottega got her own seat as well....
One gondola can seat a max of 6 person
and soon we were transported to smaller canals
and over bridges
and oh yea wearing a Venetian handmade mask and riding a gondola with the fella at the back singing were also in my to do list
JS's to do list is to train me to use his camera :P
hence the stress facial expression
soli lar can only manage my Leica
the Grand Canal
and we watched sunset over the Grand Canal
building a gondola is a mad mad job...
7 different types of wood were used just to make the hull alone
and it has to be asymetrical
in a way where the left side has greater curve to counterbalance the weight of the gondolier
and the lateral action of the oar

it takes about one month to make one
and a standard gondola cost Euro 20,000 = RM 100,000
a pretty one can cost more than Euro 50,000

and yes I know everyone's been asking..
how much doest it cost to ride one
well it depends on your route....duration.....and your disembark location
watever it is...pls do negotiate

our 45 minute ride cost Euro 110 = RM 550
and another's not as romantic as u think it is :P
unless u hire musicians and a singer on board


neil said...

What romantic Italian songs did he sing for you? :)

js said...

talking about romantic rides.....well, my advice...please stick to the main waterways and the rides will be pretty romantic.....venture into the smaller canals and it'll be like rowing a boat in a sewage pond....hehe :)

js said...

ooooOOOOOO......another point.....never wear your horizontal dark blue/black and white stripe round neck t shirt in venice for obvious reason!! :)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: errrr Italian song???? :P
JS: u better not wear your Comme des Garcons shirt.