Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mak's Noodle, Hong Kong

can u spot Lil Monkey there on the right?
looking hi & lo for the wonton noodle shop
but then this one I can spot fr mmmmiiiilllllleeessssss awaaaayyy~~~
Mak's Noodle is one of the top wonton noodle in Hong Kong
and is famously known as Stingy Mak for its small serving of noodles

this shop runs for 3 generations and the 1st one actually
served its famous wonton noodle to Mr. Chiang Kai Shek!!!!

Mak's Noodle is so famous they have their own page in wikipedia
dunk into the hot water......some kung fu required here...
then move the noodles into the cold water and shock it for a while
before dunking it back into the hot water....and he used the long chopsticks to swirl it around the pot...
at times he'll dunk the long chopsticks into a pot of oil.....and move the chopsticks back to the noodle
so confusing!!!!
oh yes the portion is really small but just nice for the two of us since it was..
ermmm snack???
it's HKD 28 = RM 14 for a bowl of wonton noodle
with the yummy crystal crunchy prawns wonton
I devoured everything including every drop of its pork + flounder bone soup

other things on the menu are
beef tendon noodles
beef noodles
prawn roe dry noodles
abalone noodles
and actually 20 other diff types of variety and we can't read chinese

Mak's Noodle
77 Wellington Street,
Central Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2854 3810

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