Saturday, January 02, 2010

Beggar's Feast

It all started with Christmas eve dinner at Cilantro with UCP and Fanny......and conversation some how touched on Jugra's famous beggar chicken, beggar pork trotters, beggar rice, etc.

Monkey......where is Jugra?
UCP......near no, near no.....near....near
Fanny........near......NEAR YOUR HEAD LAR.....YOU KNOW OR LOUNO AR??!! >:-(
JS......quickly came to UCP's aid to diffuse the situation....near Morib lar !!

One simple innocent question from monkey and UCP got into a memory lapse syndrome and kena F****.......sweat man !!!!

UCP= Uncle Chin incase you have forgotten.

Anyway with the recommendation of the ever reliable Mr Google, we found another place which is nearer than Jugra and it's at this place in Ijok near Kuala Selangor. We immediately made lunch reservation for Sunday and were told not to come too early cos food won't be ready!
Come Sunday we soon found ourselves starring at the restaurant and half wondering...."is this the right place?"

Monkey.....guys, this is the only restaurant for miles around.
JS.....looked around and all he saw was....

yes, palm oil estate!

JS....... can you hear crickets?? chitchitchit......haha.

Anyway this is the restaurant and soon we were seated and reminding the proprietor of our orders, etc.

The food came out in time and all wrapped in aluminium foil. The clay have been removed for Hygiene purposes i suppose.
We quickly and anxiously open the foil and wallah........HUH!!
a chicken!!!! a big fat chicken??? Yes, a whole damn chick!!!
my biggest nightmare >_<
Eagerly monkey quickly cut up the chicken.....

The chicken was stuffed with lots of chinese herbs and just take a look at all those juices......Pure chicken stock man but i take a rain cheque on this!
Next on the list is this.......Pork trotters!
just look at all the goodies....
Yes, pork trotter with yam and mushroom. The tendons were braised(baked) until it's gelatin man.....Yam was soft and fluffy. Must say the meat can do with a bit more moisture.
No meal is complete without some form of carbo so here goes......
Just look at the salted egg yolk.....Actually we counted and there was 5 salted egg yolks!! In addition there was mushroom, pork belly (damn soft too) and dried oysters. Guess we got more than we bargained for!
These are all heart choking stuff man.....Luckily we also ordered this......
What a welcoming and refreshing sight :)

After lunch, I walked around a bit and stumbled upon this......
Actually guys, this is their kitchen.....Firewood to fire up the kiln oven on the left and clay to wrap and bake the "beggar" food on the right......The tractor/excavator in the middle is to move the firewood and the clay.....Highly mechanized kitchen.....

Amazing eh??
The kiln is at the back....Path to kitchen(the shack at the background) too muddy so did not bother to go in.

A truly memorable meal and now i begin to understand the deeper meaning of "There is lots of wealth in poverty"!!

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant
Off Jalan Ijok

Tel: +603 3279 1936
Opens from noon till 5pm
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays only
Reservation 24 hours in advance needed


boo_licious said...

Happy New Year! Saw you at Cilantro on Xmas eve, recognised you from the pixs on the blog. I've only done Ijok before - heard that Jugra is not as good. They do like 8 course meals here and the portions are so huge!

js said...

hye boo-licious. the problem with this authentic places they do get carried away and become very commercialize and drop in standard as demand increase. By any standards the Ijok beggar's chicken place is still reasonable and taste wise .....ok i suppose. I prefer the chinese restaurant (opposite chinese school)in Ijok town. rgds.

CHER-RY said...

Boo_licious: HEY!!! U COULD HAVE WALK OVER N SAY Hi !!!!! :D

Anyway it's a blessing Cilantro reopens and our tummies were never happier :)))) cheers!!