Thursday, January 07, 2010

Exotic Venice

t was my first visit to VENICE!!!!
and was so excited :P
*hopped up n down just like a lil Monkey*
Monkey on the water-bus trying to read the map
yeah all mode of transportation uses the canal and waterways

and water-bus isn't cheap
it cost about Euro 6.50 per person = RM 32.50 just to get to San Marco fr the train station
then we figured out that might as well pay more for comfort if water-bus gonna cost this much :P
as we sailed *ahem* I mean cruised our way along the canals
we feasted our eyes with beautiful scenery

Venice is the capital city of Veneto
and if u think Milan is the most expensive city in Italy then u r so wrong
coz Venice is the most expensive of them all
Gondolas parked by the smaller canal
street here are narrow, so pls do have some kind consideration when u walk
DO NOT walk in big groups
DO NOT STOP in the middle and talk
most of all do not HOG the narrow street
yes u can find tonnes of boutiques here including Chanel...LV..and all the famous french brands..
and of coz all the ITALIAN BRANDS~~~~

they have 2 Bottega Veneta sitting nearby to each other
one boutique dedicated to Women's collection only and the other one Men *of coz*
and has the most Cabat bags in the world I suppose *rolls eyes*
after all BOTTEGA VENETA is from VENICE!!!!!!!!!!!
Monkey looking confused here at Piazza San Marco after we *touched down*
still dizzy fr the bus ride errrrr I mean boat ride

hehehe yes I'm carrying a Bottega Veneta - Nappa Belly in Pourpre colour

*yessss I know!!! will blog bout our purchases soon....u ppl are already chasing me!!!!*
Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
and it's sinking!!!
so pls do take time to go while it's still there :)))))))))
this is the map of the whole of VENICE
just like a fish eh?
then there's the main canal
so basically if u have 3 days in Venice u can wander the whole place by foot
and that's wat we did :P
from the ruling of the Byzantine to the Barbarossa and then the Turks
Venice even took part in the First Crusade
but the first ever recorded history of Venice dated back to 1500 BC
yessss it's that old
1500 BC = 1500 + 2010 *today* = 3,510

Sunset in Venice taken by JS
yes it's a very romantic city and one of the most beautiful city ever built by human

JS & Monkey enjoyed every bit of it :)))))))))))
Let's go again!!!!!

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