Friday, January 08, 2010

Twisties vs Fonzies

blind testing junk food....:P
in Italy it's called "Fonzies"
I lurve it so much that whenever we passed by our regular shop to buy gelato/water
Monkey is sure to grab a pack to go to chomp before bedtime :D
so this is our regular Twisties made in Malaysia
colours are of deep yellow
small chunks with such crunch like u r biting into dried corn
smell strongly of cheese and has such cheesy taste just like Cheese-O
while Fonzies has a lighter hue of yellow...more cornish liked in color
after u've opened it....the whiff of REAL cheese just made u salivate
the chunks are bigger n fatter....and it's not as hard and crunchy as Twisties
Twisties vs Fonzies

I thought Twisties was the best thing until I had Fonzies

coz Twisties is just way too artificial....
i wonder if they even add plastic to make it that crunchy and hard

oh by the way in terms of calories wise...Fonzies is higher
well if u want the real cheese u gotta take its consequences :P


Vivien said...

macau sell Fonzies too, i thought they would taste the same, but bet fonzies is more expensive too

CHER-RY said...

Vivien: Really? Lucky u. :))

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing I was wondering what different was. Even the packaging is so similar!