Thursday, October 08, 2009

Seafood at Ban Chuan Lee, Sandakan

Bernard da Joker trying to fish our dinner outta tank!!!
"which one u want which one?"

Monkey: "the smaller the better!!!!"

Wonder Annie took us to this lil small restaurant by the road side
but lil did I know this restaurant actually sat on stilts and somewat "floating" on the Sulawesi sea.

It was so dark I didn't know...
otherwise I would be screaming as we walked the wooden floor
*sorry I'm such a whimp when it comes to heights*
Monkey & Wonder Annie
*no, those were not beers, we were having Shandy :P*

Wonder Annie is really a Wonderwoman
She can whip anything out fr the kitchen
and runs the largest cooking studio in Sandakan
with 8 chefs under her
and I lost count how many ppl work just under her "packing" department
Wonder Annie is also the sole distributor for products like Kitchen Aid
and some German made machines for kitchen.
Wonder Annie's hubby - Chong & Bernard da Joker
oh by the way she is Bernard's sis :)))))))))))))))
Have u seen such garlic fried rice before?
WOW!!! it was so simple and yet so delicious
the grains were fried with only eggs and god-knows-wat-fragrant-oil
with lotsa fried garlic on top
so simple and yet so awesome
steamed and fried garouper
errr how dunno how they did it....fried then steamed...
another garouper done different style
with beancurd skin

the beancurd skin was homemade and the moment it touches your tongue
it just melts and gone
I was like where's my BEANCURD SKIN?!?!?!?!

and the fish...oh my...with enough gelatin and fish fat
good good good
high in omega oil
these blueswimmer crabs were still swimming and alive when we ordered them
very very fresh
just plain steamed so u can taste its sweetest
and the meat were just firm
wished there's some chinese rice wine and whack it on top
AHA!!! I know wat u are thinking
so simple and plain toufo right?
but surprisingly this humble dish was the highlight for me

the toufu was homemade with
crab meat, prawn paste, fish paste, CRAB ROEssssssssssss
and toufu to bind em all together
then fried for a while to release its aroma
This is to die for!!!!
simple bittergourd with egg
this bittergourd was really bitter
but bitter fruits/vege are suppose to be very good for your health
we sat in this air cond room section
whereby it can only occupies 4 tables
name of the place.............JS took this pic
coz I'll never remember to

Off topic:
was chatting with Shuiz and she was asking for some direction
to this famous Ipoh curry noodle
and poor Monkey can't even direct her nor remember the name of the place
so lesson learnt...snap pic of the signage
or better GOE, key in the exact location of the place into the GPS.
later we went to another place I dunno where for dessert
I'm a sucker for mangos...
any mangos except those fr Malaysia
the above yummy sweet juicy non fiberous was from Philippine :)))))

the above meal with 2 yummy fresh still swimming garoupers
and crabs and misc only cost RM 150 for 5 person

Monkey almost screamed why-so-cheap?
until Bernard da Joker shut my mouth...

Bernard da Joker: "After u've said y so cheap, the price gonna shoot up pk? so shuddup!!!"

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