Friday, October 09, 2009

Her Royal Highness's Birthday at Peppino

Note: This is for Veeny and Dinos :))))))))) wished u guys were here!!!

last month on the 26th was Her Royal Highness's big day
anyway I met her a few days before during the company golf event

Off topic:
Monkey flew to KK for an event *another last min arrangement*
came back to KL for 2 days for a very important wedding which I'll soon blog about
then back to KK for 8 days.
the family~~~
oh yea dress code was "vibrant color"
and somehow so many of us turned up in RED
except JS and Andrew
Peppino's classic....the peppino man and his banjo...ops i mean his guitar!!!
and sang the most beautiful Happy Birthday acapella with the rest of his team
and also the whole restaurant :))))
and I wanna play the GONG for HRH
told ya the boys shot up like beanstalk!!
the Lims and the Chans
HRH was all red fr the wines and champagnes
we had a superb cheesecake
HRH opening her pressie
a Yves Saint Laurent wallet
which was acquired at YSL, ION Orchard.
group shot!!!! it's so chrismassy...or chinese new year-e

Gonna them again very soon.....
for more makan and minum and golf


js said...

what's the waiter in the blue hawaian style shirt doing in most of the pictures....ahahahahaha!!

CHER-RY said...

errr u mean the one seated on the table with us? with that sparkling white smile? by the name of JS?

js said...

haha....rule of thumb....never wear a hawaian type shirt to a resort hotel restaurant if you don't want people to call you....psssttt, can i have a glass of water please.....ahahahahah!!