Thursday, October 01, 2009

Manukan Island, Sabah

We arrived at Manukan late morning
*yes after the fun boat ride...hehehe*
the island was already packed with tourist
the last time we went to this island was 2007
the lovely jetty heading
JS camera was really good...
can see the corals kekekekeke
we walked to the other side of the island to get a nice shot across
the view of Sutera Harbour in red roof greeted us
backed up some beautiful mountains
This side of the island has more rocks and less tourist
the sea was so turquoise!!!!
and good visibility of corals
Monkey enjoying the sun
well how often do we get sun sitting inside the office?
this was the view I've been enjoying half the day
white sandy beach
swaying trees
the SEA!!!!
later we walked around the island
Mamutik island is just right across
Monkey can't decide where to land her bum to enjoy the rest of her afternoon
every single spot seems so nice and I wished I can rent a hammock and sleep there
finally found a nice place under a beautiful tree
sooooo kenot resist ice creams!!!!!
JS was busy SNAPPING pics
his view in between his legs
the 2 bummers sat under the tree for 2 hours I think
more like slept for 2 hours
Monkey bought tonnes of bread to feed the fish
come's makan time!!!!
no....they looked like prawns but they were not!!!
the colourful ones were parrot fish
I'm so sorry there's only plain stale bread for sale here
otherwise I would have bought you orange + poppy seed bread
cheese sticks, 5 grains bread and my favourite sourdough

errrr I dun think I can feed them those :P
Manukan Island even provided tourist the definition and description
of each and every types of fish swimming there
as always there's an ending to every outing
and soon we hopped to Beach Bum for another
terrifying and fun ride home

can always come back again


licheng said...

wow! the color of the water is just amazing!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Oh yes it is...esp with polarizer can see through :)))