Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ION Orchard's food court

we thought of goin easy on a Saturday afternoon with Si Fu + Bagaholic
and ended up failed dot come

Bagaholic brought Monkey to this Japanese section
with all the yummy snacks
and we queued for 20 minutes to buy 6 pcs of this yummy octupus balls
served with jap mayo, sweet sauce and lotsa bonito flakes
*drooling yet?*
then I saw these!!!
with different toppings!!!
so I got the bean powder, with BIG red beans and of coz roasted sesame
I think the roasted sesame mochi was the BEST
all failed when our mission was to makan this pork ramen
coz by then my stomach was full of junks

Si Fu gave me this look T_T
and we ladies couldn't finish the food

Si Fu Lawrence: "Whoever bought it, has to finish it"


Si Fu Lawrence: "Think of the Somalian kids ok?"

okie lor....

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