Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marie Claire presents Karen Millen

this is a very poor quality pic
taken with Sony T200 8.1 mega pixels
well when u are so used to power machine this is wat happens...
Baby Wei & No Longer Available JH
He was busy downing orange juice
Oh yea, forgot to inform all readers...he doesn't drink nor smoke
Oreo Nij & Monkey
he had been notorious at this concrete garden for quite some time
and posed nude recently in a mermaid suit for some mag
*gasp x 10000000*
but thank u for having us :)))))
come back of B!
B! been busy hopping around I dun even know his latest coordinate on earth
but good to see u again buddy
Tan Sri!!!!
he's one busy man who only works 2 hours a day
*well that's according to him*

Congratulations on your new PR company!!!
the harasser and the harassed

kesian Baby Wei
next time set some traps around your body k?
maybe like a mousetrap or something
the brother and the sister
don't u think they looked so cute together?
cute in a sibling manner

Terima Kasih again ppl
see u all errr perhaps tmrw for the another party?

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