Wednesday, October 14, 2009

El Cerdo, Changkat Bkt Bintang

Ass Kickin Vonne took this pic
we seldom meet for "nothing"
it's either to celebrate someone's birthday/baby shower/wedding

suppose that each and every one of us were so busy in our career

be it traveling to Japan or learning a new language
or thinking of innovative and creative solutions to win that $$$$$ offered by company
or just busy trying to hit target so she can afford that luxury in life
I realised that I treasure this group of friends
for making me more human & humble
since we spent our early adult life living together
studied together
played basketball with those 6 footer guys staring down at us
when they dun even know wat's coming their way
*dun play play yea, we got state player in the group and a few chili padi too*
as usual we waited for the one and only Mommy Connie
while waited we downed some Sangria

Mommy Connie's office is just down the road and within walking distance fr mine
and yet we have yet to have lunch together...
appetizer of 4 diff sausages
served with mash potatoes and sauerkraut
Ass Kickin Vonne was very good with her knife and division skills
all divided into perfect order and proportion
Greek salad!!!
ohhhh i missed Greece and Cyprus
Lu Ai and Su San
main course was a german cripsy pork knuckle
well this got to be my last pork meal for a very long long time
Mommy Connie's hair is soooo long dy
Su San was busy covering someone in this pic
why do u have to do that?
fresh strawberry in mango sauce with chocolate mousse
served with wild raspberry sorbetAss Kickin Vonne & Monkey
she's been a drug lord for quite some time
I'll know where to get Tamiflu supplies
nyek nyek nyek

Can't wait for the next makan
so it's gonna be lunch huh?

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licheng said...

yum...the food looks so good! can't wait to meet with you guys.