Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sydney, Day 7

Slightly overworked today..
so this post gonna be very brief and short
Hope u guys still enjoy it!!

Bit bout my 1st day at new company,
busy like fark!!!
I had
4 lattes to survive the whole day till dinner.

Am absorbing like sponge today and achieved a lot,
met up with the medias in the morning,
and my 3 major retailers in the afternoon.

Corresponded with
Switzerland team,
Finalised my budget for year end,
finished everything for my boss in time for his trip to

Tomorrow another busy day..
Lurve it!!!
Plus I got a welcoming gift fr the company...hehehe
come back tmrw to see wat I've got!!
Queen Victoria Building...a shopping complex more than a hundred years old
They've already put up the Christmas deco....very chrimasy
Day 7 was busy with photography coz
JS needed more shots for his portfolio
Monkey learnt a lot that day and proudly proclaimed all pics posted today taken by me..meeee..MEEEEE!!!
the facade of the
Opera House
morning sun shinning and gave me very good natural lights for my photography
after so much of tips fr
JS, I managed to take professional pics of food....finally
fit for magazine or not???
always fill your screen with the subject
I like this one a lot
never have too much of sky...erm..this one quite poor according to him
always have perspective between the subject and the background to create depth
like this ar?
He became my model for the day and scored badly in posing
my own shadow
I love spring!!!
at nite, we went to Sydney Aquarium. This Crab is as big as my dog!!!
this is one huge sting ray!!!
Sharks there looked terrifying but they are harmless!!!
can u see the
small fishes below our feets?
we were walking along the tunnel with fishes, sharks, turtles etc
me no longer an amateur photographer....ceh!!!

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