Saturday, November 04, 2006

French Culinary School

Tell ppl also no one believed me..
I went for a culinary class last Saturday.
specialised in
"Artisan French Bread" for professionals.
U percaya tak??

of coz it was
JS's idea so that I can bake yummy presentable bread.
He enrolled me 2 weeks earlier as it was limited to 15 participants..
with a renowed French chef....
Chef Jean Michel Fraisse.

Don't understand...
it isn't
Michael Jackson's concert...
only Michel Frasse mar..
and yet we had to have connections to be listed into this class..

me...half heartedly attended.. :(
Chef Jean Michel Fraisse
everyone busy working..while
monkey monkey-ed around with her media camera

Those students were from places like
JW MARRIOTT, MANDARIN ORIENTAL... this bakery..that bakery....or that nice cafe...or maybe that RESTAURANT!!!!!

MY GOD!!!!!
so intimidated but I found a few students who are like me!!
cacat until can die one...hahaha
lotsa balls...ready to be shape.
really kenot compare with those "expert" students...
they can shape and weigh perfectly!!!
Made me work even harder to match them!!!!
Chef Patrice Faivre from La Bodega was there too!!!!
Chef preparing lunch for us!!!
and we diligently set the table in the kitchen, we ate on the stainless steel table we worked at
not to forget some of the bread we baked earlier
our lunch: norwegian salmon in morelle mushroom sauce, baked potatoes and salad
finished off with a nice yummy rich chocolate base cheese cake
later back to more proving, kneading, weighing, shaping, baking.....
after much practice, I can shape prefectly nice dough *chef made the other one at the back*
My enthusiasm increased and made better bread as time passed. Guess which one is mine? My foccacia is perfectly square and equal.
Wholemeal bread
mixed grain bread
more rustic bread!! Mine is the one on the left with perfectly scored square on top.
Datin Karen in blue shirt, she got a nice house in France
monkey, Chef, May
Datin I-forgot-your-name and May
Our creations...fresh from the oven...the smell was soooo goood...I can still remember it today!!!
all my creations which I brought home for JS
"wah!!! so much??? How are we goin to finish them baby?"
"......u sent me for class, this is what u eat!!!"

So we gave more than half to UCP who will chomp down everything from our kitchen!!!

Bread making isn't what I thought it was...
the more I learn, I realised the more I dunno,

so much to calculate apart from weighing the ingredients,
it's all about temperature of the flour, water, the dough, the environment.
It all play important roles!!!
What those recipe books taught us are soooo sooo wrong!!!

So much of mathematics to do....
sweat man!!
Don't play play!!! I'm certified now!!! Professional u know....more like fofesionale...

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