Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sydney, Day 8

It's the last day in Sydney,
Early in the morn....gate crashed David Jones,
to buy fruits & vege,
tonnes of berries, sweet oranges, all those cute baby roma tomatoes...

with my new photography skills,
I took more pls bear with me ya!!
cappucino for him and my usual latte
my yummy breakfast...banana bread with butter
his..erm...greasy bacon & eggs
it was very quiet early in the morn...everyone rushing to work
later we head to the airport and checked in early for more duty free shopping.
nope this round we didn't get the seat behind the cockpit....coz flight was fully booked a month ago. So we sat at 8H & 8K. testing my skills...
normally I don't eat on board but since I'll be without food for 8 hours..
I might not take the risk.
When we were home,
I just threw out everything perishable fr the luggage and spread it on the dining table.
These exclude the fresh produce and apparels shopping.

will return to SYDNEY next MAY..





my welcoming gift fr the company...
1st of all..thank u boss...
CORUM Admiral's Cup

It's farking huge..and specifically requested for huge watch..coz.

"Cherry, u like small or big watches?"
"as big as possible..."
"You mind taking the men's mid size?"
"44? 48?"
"44 for u dear.."
"thank u boss!!!!!"
so I can fight with his IWC Pilot...

the IWC is still wearing a clock on your wrist!!!
but it's trendy to wear huge-like-clock-watch now.
my dainty pretty elegant Patek Philippe...

Though it's small but it serves its purposes during functions....
Still lurve it!!!

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