Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exponential Rain

Yesterday was my 1st time to the KLCC Convention Centre.
It was huge, beautiful and nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh bla bla bla yak yak yak.
Considered it was Tan Sri's project...the one who owns the hill with star!!!
*how many other projects he got ar?"

Met up with a very good looking designer for some fabrication work fr SG...
Looking at him everything also green light....

"yes..yes...yes...can ...can..can..."
anyway kenot lose my plot so I still got what I wanted at the budget given.
Actually I got a very good deal.
Well spending 6 figure on fabrication work for something to last 6 days...
is CRAZY lar....
anyway........JS 12.00pm

"hey babe, Prince C is in town for 24 hours and we are goin for golf now!!! *sounded like a lil boy who's on his way to a themepark!!*
"Great..enjoy your golf..."
"Dinner at 7.30pm ya....Bkt Damansara. I'll be bringing good wines"
"...errrm...I'm B..."
"Ok GTG. Can't wait to see ya. Muaks." *click*
"...Z...." *hmmmph...I'm bz lar..tsk!*
Jalan Sultan Ismail

It was raining like cats & dogs...
thunder storm.....>_<
Monsoon season is here and I don't mind actually cept for the traffic.
I guess the rain grow exponentially as it drop to Earth.
coz most of the roads were flooded...
KL city is really day it's gonna drown.

6 inches of water on the road coz panic station everywhere...
I took 90 minutes to reached...
normal time : 20 mins
Practically cursing and did my work in the car..
made biz calls bla bla bla bla all the way...
Henschke Hill of Grace 1991, price undisclosed

This lite me up when I reach,
the closest Aussie made wine, to a french one.

Chocolate Dream

When u use your spoon to separate it...
Soft warm chocolate ooze out from the middle.
and it's crispy on the outside!!
I promised to get more pics of Prince C
but he didn't let me..
he said he's not cute enough with his new hairstyle.

Well...let's hope it will only rain after 9.00pm tonite,
coz everyone would be home already then...

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