Friday, November 03, 2006

Dinner at Flamenco, Bkt Damansara

On Tuesday...had a great dinner with Chris, JS's Swiss Bank banker.
This is his 1st time to Asia and he was impressed!!!

Yeah we don't live on trees and we are quite modern...hehehe
he was amazed by our city, food, culture, people and exposure to European world..
hahaha...lots to see and he's only here for a week.
Too short of a time for me to take him to feel Msia.
Plus I was occupied the whole week.
Pyrus '90 RM 650, Inniskilin late harvest RM 350, Pierro price undisclosed, Krug '95 RM 900

It was a great dinner with great company.
King Lim joined us with his Korean gf, Fionna.
She's the same age as me...
doesn't work and holds a MBA.
Her job??
travels around the world....aaaaaaaa
when can i do that?
me & Fionna the korean sweetie
all alcos that nite sponsored fr JS's cellar.
Angie, Flamenco's owner and Chris
everyone were so intoxicated....

Chris is from Switzerland...well obviously.
A rich banker with Swiss Bank.
Hey...let u gals know..
but u have to be in Switzerland...

If only I'm still single...hmmm..
King, Chris, JS who was burnt fr golf the whole day, monkey and Fionna

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