Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boss wanted to see me early Friday morning,
Serious look on his face,
Must be something farked up.

"Cherry, I would like to ask you a very personal question. I hope you don't mind or take it personally."

me thinking..
*You've already mentioned that it's very personal of coz I'll take it very personally...WTF*
" personal is personal? If it's too personal I have all the rights not to answer."
"It's personal life."

*HAH??? What does it got to do with work?????*
So I replied..
"....*skeptical*..urm..I guess it's alrite" *Face turned black*

"okay...................erm.........................your bf is XXX *JS's name* right???"
*>_< I knew this will happen but not this soon...on the 8th day with a new company!!*

"yes boss...and???"
"He's a timepieces collecter right?"
"He's one of the preferred customer in the industry and u do know that right?"
"OK...that's all!"
"That's all."
"I understand it perfectly if you are concerned about discreet information but I have pledged the day I've signed the employment contract."
"Yes I trust you Cherry. That's all. You may get back to your work"

I HATE ALL of U..... GOSSIPERS out there!!!

I don't see any prob with who I go out with...whether I go out with Tom Cruise or Ken doesn't make any difference.!!!

Now even my boss, the single person I'm closest with at work is treating me differently. I'm not a datin so u don't have to. If I'm one..I won't be working my ass out there in the rat race!!.

FARK all of you...kepohss!!!


Anonymous said...

geee woman, had no idea that you can be this mad.....scary! but i know and understand where you're coming from ke ke ke

CHER-RY said...

Ais...told you I'm a mad monkey. hehehehehe.