Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ipoh Mali

Gosh...this post had been delayed for almost a week!!
so last week, we went to Ipoh for...erm..
him golf and me makan.
*Actually I tagged JS along for his work*
Ipoh has tonnes of limestone hills everywhere...
JS & Prince C been surveying land the whole so bored..
and went to one of their project...
JS proudly showed me...
and more yawns coming out fr me...
Next time I don't want to tag along already!!!
Burp!!! Food there superb!!
Prince C alwiz brings his champagne/wine glasses wherever he dines. Andrew at the back.
Prince C smoking like a chimney all the time!!! On his wrist...Rolex Daytonna-platinum...o_o's true, his name is Prince C.
The whole Ipoh calls him that!
C being his surname and I can't put it here.

his pretty wife I-Ching and fat monkey...*i've gained a few pounds*

I-Ching has never....never ever work before since she finished her studies!!!!
aaaaaaa...that's like soooooo nice.

I-Ching brought me to "Indulgence" a restaurant similar to Angie's outlet..
of coz still kenot beat Angie's place..
Angie, u r still the best..
everyone, head to Sentidos Tapas at Starhill ya!!
Prince C's notti son, Bryan!!
and cute 20 mths old Treymian!!!
and a beautiful pooch called APPLE, same name as my dog...adoi!

3 of them stucked to me like glue throughout the weekend.
then he dropped the damn question
"U like kids?"
".....*pretending not to hear*...."
"U want kids??"
"shuddup n drink your champagne!!"
dessert time with dessert wine at the patio

Prince C has a beautiful house at Chateau Garden,
but I luv his cars the most...

"How do you drive 6 cars yourself?"
"wat the hell question is that?" *he speaks very broken english*

I do not know how does I-ching keep the huge house spanking clean and organised with only a maid.

I can't even manage my 1220 sqft condo.
plus I don't any kids and 3 dogs to care for...and a husband to babysit.
This pooch is soooooo adorable all the time....esp after I fed her tiramisu!!

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