Friday, November 10, 2006


Pic stolen fr Chai...
Hey's been ages since we met.
The last time I saw you,
you sweetly introduced your special someone to us...
Now before I get to see you next,
I'm about to be invited to your wedding reception..
How time flies!!!

I remembered I knew you since we were in primary 6,
Whenever we "stayed back" for extra curriculum acitivites,
You'll be my mentor for the afternoon...or baby sitter..kakakaka.

Acting like an older sis..
U bravely guided me,
held my hands...and crossed the massive super busy main road,
to get to the other side *of coz*
for our yummy "char siew faan/siew yok faan" lunch.
Damn...that was a luxury at that time..
apart fr the fast food.

I enjoyed your company a lot,
and your hilarious laughter,
which can drive everyone nuts!!!

Yes, growing up can be a headache,
causing us to drop our hair like we've gone through chemo,
and shoot up our stress level faster than the Japanese stock market,

but I'll know you'll continue laughing like you used to,
smiling and be jovial all the time,
that no one can take away from you.

Happy birthday to you Guan,
and congratulations for your upcoming wedding *another headache*
May God bless you all the time,
and may all your dreams be fulfilled.


FYI: Am shooting up north to Ipoh later in the afternoon. Prince C invited us over for the weekend!!!..hahaha..Ipoh sar hor fan, kai faan, tauge, i come!!!!

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