Friday, August 20, 2010

Trickeedeee Trishaw Ride, Malacca

Malacca just brought back so much memories
lurve this lil town

occasionally the 3 of us incl Berr make trips down
more specifically MAKAN TRIP
usually we'll walk around the city
coz by walking u get to see more
esp the local life
and JS will get to photograph more subjects

however that particular afternoon, Monkey was complaining
*well not very unusual at all T_T*
and so we hailed one right in the middle of the narrow street
who was midway refilling air into his tyres/wheelie
at a wheelie workshop

guess I was so tired coz Monkey just landed her bum into the trishaw
even before the peddler could say yes/no
and to the horror of the chinese workshop boy who was midway refilling/pumping air
onto the wheeliesssss

hmmmm well if I sit on it u will get better measurement of air pressure in the tyre
I wondered why they deco trishaws these day
with loud music and weird looking flowers which are foreign to msia
I mean put lar local flowers

and more weird colorful stuffs that will confuse ppl with traffic lights

and then we arrived at Majestic Hotel
and Pak Cik even managed to pose for us...kekekke

gawd the trishaw was so crowded with decos u can't even see lovely Monkey there!!!!

we were so touristy and he thought we must been Singaporean or wat...
"dari mana?"
"hehehehe :P:P:P:P dari KL pak cik"
*slaps forehead*


Tsu Lin + + said...

Wakakaka!! Macam rusa masuk kampung.. or in your case, macam monyet masuk hutan!

PS word verification : likey

CHER-RY said...

TL: yes u used the right analogy - monyet masuk hutan

u meant u got such alphabets for word verification? kekekekekeek