Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stage 3.05

all the stainless steel peripherals ready to be "clicked" on
they did the wrong measurement for the counter

how could u measured wrongly?
no brainer

I dun pay u to gimme problems....
go solve it
it's stressful but fun at the same time
to design and build ur own home
the counter is about 10 feet long
yea I know it's kinda long but it's useful
*more space more junks*
two empty slots down there ready for Liebherr wine chillers
one of the few to store wines with diff temp control
think it's enuff for the whites...
all the reds will go to the wine cellar
while the champagne will go to another standalone chiller in the wet kitchen
the jet black marble/quartz worktop yet to arrive,
the wall panel on the way
the side panel not yet done coz again they measured wrongly

SMEG microwave to cook maggi mee not yet install
dunno wat r they waiting for?
prollie for the packs of maggi mee

all the counter wiring yet to do....
the internal kitchen organising tools yet to open
still in its carton box

today I'm gonna whip and spank the designers/installer/contractors
fr the comfort of my balcony....hehehehe
the outdoor furnitures are here

and I'm enjoying the view of my new home office
and the "Monkey see tau poh" is holding the air cond remote controller...

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