Friday, August 06, 2010

Object of Desire 0006

Emeco "Kong" barstool
designed by Philippe Starck
done in polished finish

it comes with arms
u have options of left arm, right arm or both arms :P
if u no likey arms.....u get this one...
done in brushed finish
we were looking hi and lo for barstools
initially we booked Kartell stools but then after goin thru the collection at SPACE furniture
with more options to go....Kartell looks like the last :P
*and KARTELL is cheap and chic*

EMECO Kong barstool is made using 77 meticulous steps
from 80% alumimium and it's meant to last 150 years...
even if it breaks on your 149th birthday, EMECO will replace a new one for u :P

we were so eppy eppy to have finally found our stools for the breakfast counter
and put it into indent order....meaning have to have 16 weeks for it to be shipped into Malaysia

"how much are these? I want 3."
S.A.: "this one quite's RM 8,500 per piece"

apa expensive....
it's only an aluminium barstool
just bcoz this collection was designed by Mr. Starck.

3 stools = RM 25,500 and this was already the discounted price
for 3 freaking stools!!!

both Monkey & JS were thinking hard that weekend and busy slapping our foreheads
should we? are we crazy?
I like this one as well....haiiizzzzz

still thinking....
anyway we bought some other aluminium chairs from EMECO
will blog bout it soon with pics of coz :)))))

now i got a plane to catch....
tata ppl....HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

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