Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bontempi Casa dining chairs

aaaaaa it's finally here....
the sexay red Kida chairs fr Bontempi Casa
now I understand indent orders take so long
minimum 16 weeks :((((((((
coz it comes upon order in a contena
via Italy
at least we made it before their summer holiday and the Milan Furniture Fair
otherwise wait lar another 2 more months

we wanted more chairs and am still contemplating
coz the next order will only arrive in end December
looks like for bar stools we have to buy what they have in the region...
at least shipping fr Singapore is not such a pain in the @ss

"J, make all my furnitures come on time!!! I m shifting by end of this mth!! make it happen!!! or I will pick up wat I like fr your boutique and it's gonna be ON LOAN to me."

J: "yes Miss Cherry, I will work very hard to make all your furnitures arrive ASAP. :"( "

why lar that face? I didn't say I'm gonna kill u or wat........

the Kida chairs sitting pretty at the dining hall
lurve the color scheme
I followed this...which I curi-ed fr the web :D

will post more pics once the dining table plus lightings are in
hehehehehehehehe :))))))))))))

for more details on Bontempi Casa

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