Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breakfast @ Penang

Wat were they starring at???
the fan is not moving~~~~

told ya penang-nites are kiam siap *stingy*
kekekekekek no offense though but I think only the older generation are :P
We were at Kafe Ping Hooi for the famous Char Kuey Teow
the one with DUCK eggs and lard :P
mee suah with bouncy fish balls and meaty meat balls
the meat balls were packed with MEAT
truly authentic loh bak
with the crispy pork in fermented beancurd, century eggs with pickled ginger
and the usual meatroll in beancurd skin
fried to golden brown :D
this place is at Carnarvon Street
and yes later on we did ask the Uncle to switch the fans on
this is Mr. Yeow
and u will alwiz see him in this blue shirt
his uniform :P
he operates daily from 8am onwards
huge crunchy prawns
sometimes if u r lucky, when Mr. Yeow has bamboo clams
that would be the best
anyhow I'm super happy with the DUCK eggs already!!!!!
Eppy Fat Monkey Face!!!
I touched down Penang 15 minutes earlier
and was whisked off to this place :D
Mr. Yeow keeps his wok heated up all the time

the mess!!!!!
our dessert
yeah I know.....all the above for breakfast is a bit ermm......
Berr was in PENANG too!!!!
poor him....I had to keep him safely in my bag and zipped it up

all the smoke and lard fr Mr. Yeow's wok :P

Kafe Ping Hooi
Carnarvon Street
No phone number la.....


boo_licious said...

my fav CKT stall in Penang too! Yums.

Tsu Lin + + said...

No offence cos I also think Pg ppl are kiamsiap! :P Meh..

CHER-RY said...

Boo: hehhehe yes it is a "must eat" list. But sayang no bamboo clams on that day.

TL: think it's the mentality + culture there...hence fine dining won't work in Penang. I've done my research. KEKEKEKEKEKE.

js said...

Definitely Penang is the Mecca of ckt......
Weeeeiiiiiiiii........TL and monkey, do you know your ex boss from penang ???? :))))